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Dyspraxia & Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
5-6% of school aged children have coordination problems severe enough to interfere with academic performance & school integration - American Academy of Family Physicians, 2002.

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Children generally grow & develop in a sequential order building higher level skills on previously mastered ones.  For example chidren crawl before they walk & walk before they run.  Most children master such skills around the same age & this is called a developmental milestone.  Unfortunately children with dyspraxia & developmental coordination disorder (DCD) have difficulty learning new motor skills and as a result their motor development is often delayed compared to other children of the same age.  The gap between their skill level and that of their peers is often subtle at younger ages but widens dramatically as they get older.  Identification of delayed motor development is key to getting help and subsequently a thorough understanding of what to expect from your child at various ages can be very helpful.  Click HERE to learn more about the development of gross motor skills & associated developmental milestones.

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