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Fine Motor Skills
FREE  Glitter Animals
FREE  Recipes for Sensory Play

Pre-Printing & Colouring
NEW  Rocket Maze
FREE  Glitter Animals
FREE  Handwriting Lined Paper
Circle Maze
Cross + Maze
Diamond Maze
Horizontal Line Maze
Left to Right Diagonal Line Maze
Right to Left Diagonal Line Maze
Square Maze
The Paper Quilt
Triangle Maze
Vertical Line Maze

Cutting & Scissors Skills
Bear - Circle Cutting Craft
Bug - Circle Cutting Craft
Bumble Bee - Cricle Cutting Craft
Butterfly-Circle & Triangle Cutting Craft
Castle-Square & Rectangle Cutting Craft
Cow - Circle Cutting Craft
Lacing Cards for Pre-scissors Skills
Sun - Triangle & Circle Cutting Craft

Dysgraphia, Handwriting & Printing
NEW  Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase a
NEW  Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase c
NEW  Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase d
NEW  Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase g
NEW  Handwriting Worksheet Lowercase q
NEW  Rocket Maze
FREE  Handwriting Lined Paper
Uppercase A
Uppercase B

Pencil Grasp
FREE  Glitter Animals

Sensory Integration & Sensorimotor Development
FREE  Glitter Animals
FREE  Recipes for Sensory Play

Growth & Development
NEW  Baby Pictures

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